STEM Day Room Leaders Needed!
Tue, Feb 11 9:30am
STEM Day at PS 107 will take place on March 7, from 12 to 3pm. The theme is...


"The world around us is full of invisible codes. From mathematics to physics to biology to computer technology, these unseen codes give order to our world, and even make us who we are.  

This year, STEM Day will explore the secrets of the universe. What is DNA? What makes Pi so special? Why do planets revolve around their suns? How does gravity work? What’s a computer language?

Through hands-on workshops, kids will explore these questions, and many more, and together we will Crack the Code of the Universe!"

We are putting together an exciting afternoon of STEM - but none of it happens without volunteers like you! 
We will be releasing the full list of workshops in a few weeks, along with the Konstella sign-up sheet. Stay tuned!
Room leaders, plus any and all questions, email Elizabeth Stoel or Reem Barro!