Safety at PS 107 Community Events
Fri, Jun 3 2:59pm

We are so excited that PS 107 PTA community events are back!


And we have three of our most beloved events coming up this week - ART DAY on SATURDAY, FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT on MONDAY and SPRING FLING on WEDNESDAY so we wanted to remind families about safety. 

Our wonderful School Safety Officer, Ms Sharon will be at our events and she will keep a watchful eye, but please keep in mind that these events are family events which means you are responsible for your children at all times.


We kindly ask that you do not allow your children to roam unescorted around the school.

The school will be open during events so that people can use the bathrooms but we ask that families and children do not congregate inside the school during events unless there is an activity in that area.

Classrooms are off limits and will be locked.

Lastly, please be respectful to our custodial staff and help to keep clean. We will have trash and recycling receptacles placed around all of our events.


THANK YOU to the PTA, all Parent Organizers and Parent Volunteers!! These events are special and we couldn't do it without you.


Wishing everyone a wonderful time at these events !