Save The Date: March 18 is Heritage Day!
Wed, Feb 1 3:24pm
Hello all! I'm so happy to bring a long-loved tradition back to our school after a 3-year hiatus.
If you've never attended before, here's the scoop: Heritage Day is a volunteer-run event hosted by 107 families—we take over the entire school building and families 'host' classrooms dedicated to your home country or state where you can stage as many activities or experiences as you like. It's an opportunity to share your family's background and introduce our community to the wonderful traditions, foods, sights, and sounds that are your cultural touchstones. Last night at dinner our family counted up over 10 countries (ENGLAND! ITALY! JAPAN! POLAND! AUSTRALIA!) and 15+ states (NORTH AND SOUTH DAKOTA! CALIFORNIA! AND OF COURSE, OHIO!) that we could think of that were represented across our two classes--- we have such a bounty of diversity at our school, and Heritage Day is when it comes to life! 
Please save the date for Saturday afternoon, March 18. If you'd like to 'host' a room, please fill out this survey so we know how many folks are interested in participating! In the past, Heritage Day has been a great way for families that share backgrounds to team up and co-host. I can tell you that I am personally really really excited to get back to the UK room, which had a lively spirit, brilliant snacks, and, of course, a great soundtrack, and to co-host the Dakotas room, where you can pan for gold and take a photo with your face in Mt. Rushmore! 
If you have questions, email me at
Events like Heritage Day are what make our school community so cozy-- and they can't happen without volunteers! If you're not inspired to host a room, know that we'll need lots of help in other ways too. I hope to see you all then. 
ci vediamo presto!
Biba Milioto, mom to Esme in 5th grade and Guy in 3rd.