School Safety
Tue, Feb 27 8:26pm

Dear PS107 Families,

The tragic events in Parkland have brought to light concerns about school safety and the protocols in place to protect our youngsters.  I want to reassure you that we take every precaution we can to keep our children safe. 

Each year we practice regular safety drills which include Fire drills, Code Blue drills (CPR/AED), and Lockdown drills.  Most of our Building Response Team of teachers and paraprofessionals have received special FEMA training so they are better prepared to respond to various situations that might arise.   We are sticklers about visitors having photo IDs to enter the building.  All but our front doors and the yard doors (during lunchtime) remain locked throughout the day and there is video surveillance on every exit.

In this vein, I'm very pleased to share that our Neighborhood Coordination Officers from the  78th Precinct, Officer Maureen and Officer Elizabeth, will be joining us on First Fridays from now on.   Officers Maureen and Elizabeth are here to support our safety efforts and hope to get to know you and your children, become a regular part of our school community, and hear your concerns in the process.  Please say hello and introduce yourself to them on Friday.  

There has been a national call to action against gun violence scheduled for Wednesday March 14th.  We are sensitive to the fact that many children don't know about the incident in Parkland and respect your decision if this is true for your child.  But as a teaching community we have a strong desire to show our support to our sister school in Florida and to all of the schools that have endured this kind of senseless violence.  I've called for an emergency meeting with our School Leadership Team on Thursday afternoon (3/1) to discuss some possible options for March 14th.  Please email anyone on the SLT if you have thoughts you'd like to share with us at: (corrected email address).

In this moment, now more than ever, we need to stand together for the world we want to see for our children, one where there is No Place For Hate.