Sign Up For Movie/Game Night THIS FRIDAY!
Tue, Mar 10 9:35am

For the first time ever, we're going to combine movie night with Big Yard play & board games night!!

History is shown that lot of the kids don't actually have any interest in watching the movie, so they can now choose which they'd like to do!

  • Movie
  • Big yard play/board games

The movie this month is the hilarious The Muppets (2011).

The cost is $25/child and $15/additional child, and pizza and childcare are included! 

With more options comes more need for volunteers (we need 1 volunteer for every 10 kids) , so sign up as a Parent Volunteer as well! (Children of volunteers attend for free)


Drop Off: 6:30 pm

Pick-up: 8:45 pm

Any questions? Email Orson at!


Click Here to Sign Up!!!

**as always early sign up is encouraged so we don't have to turn away anyone at the door!**