Spread Love, It's the Brooklyn Way!
Thu, Feb 9 6:56pm
Join PS107 this Valentine's Day in spreading love and support to our greater community! 
We encourage all families and students to create Valentine's Day cards that will be distributed to Bishop Boardman Senior Apartments and the Park Slope Women's Shelter next Tuesday. There will be a drop box in the front entryway of school to deposit your cards from now through next Tuesday. This is a great way to get the kids involved in spreading some Valentine's Day cheer! 
In addition, we will be conducting our weekly CHiPS food drive on Valentine's Day next week! What better way to show some love and support to those in need! For Tuesday's collection, we will also accept individually wrapped Valentine's day treat bags or goodies to brighten up the day for those facing food insecurity.
CHiPS reminders: please label all sandwiches! Accepted food donations include:
  • Sandwiches - all kinds (PBJ, ham/cheese, turkey/cheese)
  • Fresh fruit (Oranges/Bananas ; NO apples please)
  • Juice boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Individually wrapped snacks/baked goods (pre-packaged or portioned out into baggies)
  • 1-2 person portions of pasta salad, beans and rice, etc.
  • Microwaveable meals
  • Bulk sizes of bread, ground coffee, sugar, eggs, boxes of sandwich baggies, to-go plastic containers.
Finally, to continue the theme of sending love and support this Valentine's Day, many families have reached out in the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Thanks to the quick action and grassroots effort across PS107 to support people in Turkey and northern Syria, we will be holding a school-wide bake sale next Tuesday from 2:30-5:30 PM to raise funds for Bridge to Turkiye Fund and White Helmets, two organizations leading the relief efforts abroad. A follow-on announcement will be coming shortly to solicit volunteers and bakers to assist with this event! Satisfy your sweet tooth by coming out to support the Bake Sale! 
Thank you,
Community Outreach