Spring Break Theme Of The Day: Around the World: Cultures & History
Thu, Apr 16 11:30am

Welcome to Day 4 of the Spring Break Theme of the Day!

(I totally missed yesterday. The days are all blurring together so I thought it was Satudesiday yesterday, when in fact it was Wethonterday. )

Thank you so much for all the amazing  pictures and videos! I'll attach a few of them (I'm compiling them all for a bigger video at the end of the week.)

But in the meantime:

Today's Theme: Around the World: Cultures & History

Here's what you do:

  • Take a photo or video of your kids doing whatever it is you're doing to make this crazy time a little more fun based around the theme of the day.
  • Send it to Ted McCagg at ted@PS107.org
  • We'll share all the amazing things you're doing among PS 107 as the week goes on!

Let's see how creative we can get!

Stay safe and sane!