Still Feelin' The Love From Heritage Day!
Mon, Mar 20 2:09pm
The PS 107 PTA would like to echo Joanna and Nadia's message of gratitude for the STELLAR Heritage Day this past Saturday! It was heartwarming to see and feel the vibrant community spirit within the building and to witness kids and adults enjoying the experience and time spent together. We, too, want to thank Biba Milioto for the tremendous effort she put forth in organizing this event. She not only brought this beloved tradition back, but she made it one of the best yet. Thank you so much, Biba! 
And thank you to all of the families who shared your culture and heritage with our community. This was an immense amount of work, and we all felt the love and care that went into each of the following rooms: India, Persia, Korea, Greece/Turkey, Japan, Michigan/Brooklyn, Thailand, China, The Dakotas, Germany/Croatia, Latvia/Lithuania, England/Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and Poland!
Biba also has a message of thanks to share with the community below:
Hello everyone,
If you joined us for Heritage Day this Saturday, thank you for coming! For families who had never seen this 107 tradition in action—now you know what all the buzz is about! It was so delightful to see so many cultures represented and have nearly every classroom full! 
I'd like to say a few special thank yous: To Mari Dutra for the beautiful passports and stickers (next year we will have many, many more! ) and flag decor that brought the whole day to life. To Ivy Tang for bringing in Gary Mah and his students for their delightful Lion Dance, Jenny Reddy for organizing all of the other amazing performers and emcee'ing on the 4th floor. Andy Marcinkowski, America Billy, and MaryBeth LoPorto, thanks for getting our families' smartboards ready! Mark Taylor, thanks for all your setup help. 
Michelle Carman- thank you so much for your brilliant passport art fix when we ran out of supplies. 
Kelly, Aby, Christina, Vanessa, and Leah- thank you for greeting and handing out passports. 
Carolyn, Gemma, Stefanie, America, and Elia-- thanks so much for helping clean up after the day was over + helping our families get their classrooms back in shape. 
Santi + the custodial crew, thanks for all the setup, breakdown, and cleanup help. 
A super-special thank you to Nadia Benlarbi, our marvelous parent coordinator, for helping us field all sorts of supplies and info from her desk—we are so lucky to have you! And to Mike Lew and Nisha Aoyama, thanks so much for all of your support during this express planning period. To the PTA- thanks for your financial support! 
Most importantly- to the parents who took us to their homelands, thank you a million times for the beautiful effort you put into sharing the sights, tastes, sounds, and views of your respective cultures, countries, and states. My heart was so full as I walked through all the rooms, and I know I'm not alone there. 
See you next year! Maybe then I'll develop a taste for Marmite?