Summertime Opportunities
Tue, Jul 7 10:45am

Hello Families,


Ms Sheryl Parker, retired PS 107 Kindergarten teacher, regular substitute and after school teacher is available this summer to tutor your child or for childcare. You can contact her directly via  email at 


Also read about PROJECT INSPIRE - created by two NYC DOE High School Students from Brooklyn Tech and HS for Dual Language and Asian Studies. They are offering free tutoring for NYC elementary school children. It sounds amazing:


I'm Afifa Tanisa, a rising sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School. This summer, Helen Chen, a rising senior at the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies, and I created a youth-led organization called Project Inspire. 
This pandemic has halted the education of so many children, especially low-income, minority youth. We created Project Inspire for those children so they can improve their writing and public speaking skills. It is a free virtual summer program that runs one hour a week, for six weeks. We have classes on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The time slots are 11-12, 1-2, and 3-4. Our volunteers are high school students who are eager to help youths improve their writing skills since many of them also experienced setbacks due to being from a low-income and/or minority community. Each volunteer is paired with one to two students with whom they will work closely over the span of six weeks. Our program starts next week, and we were wondering if you, as the Family Support Coordinator, can promote this program to the families in your district. We would love to help as many students as we can through our program.
For more information on our program, you can visit


I hope that you are all enjoying some of this hot summer weather whether you are in our beautiful city parks and beaches or have been able to get away somewhere.


Any questions email me at