THANK YOU for Making the Craft Fair Possible!
Tue, Dec 13 12:51pm
We just wanted to send a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that made the craft fair possible this weekend!!  It is a hugely collaborative event and all of you worked so hard to make it happen!  
Illustrated gif. Four neon tube signs read "Thank you" against a black background. One by one, the signs illuminate in red and go out before the sign below it lights up.
All of the crafters! 
Alice MacKenzie
Susie Jackson
Allen Spector 
Catharine Hanoosh 
Kate Polevoy 
Erin Osbourn
Daniel Lipton 
Lisa Uribe
Loretta Langford
Jake Wilhelmsen
Jenny Reddy
Diana Gatschet
Jeremy Short 
Becky Dellaglio
Todd Lawton 
Michelle Carmen 
Biba Milioto
Louise Holbrook
Sarah Baratti
Rachel Friedman
Rachel Ulman
Greta Feit
Amy Weintraub
Sarah Foster
Noelky Sullivan
Fryda Lidor
Our kids crafters (I am sure I am missing TONS of kids who were involved but I don't have a proper list!  Thank your kids for us if they helped!!). 
Adelaide Short
Jane Lawton
Anna Baratti
Guy and Esme Seymour
Esme MacKenzie
Mina Sommer
Josephine McCleary
Addie Benederet
Isla Cameron
Ray Wilhelmsen
Claire Curry 
Calder Toback
Erin Reddy
Kiera Reddy
Ella Foster
Amelie Thiers
(Apologies for forgetting anyone!!)
Emily Hager and Joanna Lumbang for organizing the bake sale on behalf of Community Outreach!!
Everyone who donated baked goods and apple cider! 
Mechelle Chestnut for the games area!
Aimee Fearon for the pom pom craft! 
All of our volunteers:
Robert Gallagher
Diana Gatschet
Jeremy Short
Erin Sheth
Holly Robertson
Yumi Kobayashi
Kamila Altman
Kelly Mirian
Ayca Aksu
Mary Pratt
Nisha Aoyama
Alyson Day
Larisa Fomovsky
Sheryl Haley
Kate Landon
Amazing gift baskets from 
Elise Wildman
Catharine and Jeff Hanoosh
Jenny Mai
Everyone who donated mystery gifts!!  They sold out very quickly!!
Jill and Spring