THANK YOU for an amazing PS169 Book Giveaway!!!
Mon, Dec 13 3:54pm

A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped to make our first ever Book Giveaway a massive success!!


A strong and enthusiastic crew of both kids and adults helped transport 8 carloads of books to Sunset Park on Saturday morning, then along with PS169 volunteers, unpacked, organized, sorted, and continuously re-stocked our tables as dozens of families from the school and neighborhood community came through.  Our dedicated parents and kids helped keep everything running smoothly, while Ms. Rinah and Ms. Joanna proved their educational chops with targeted grade and reading level recommendations all morning long!  


Amazingly, by the end of the event, only a few bags of books remained, all of which will be donated to Brooklyn Book Bodega.


We were also able to deliver 3 bags full of winter gear and a whopping 160 wrapped gifts for all of the PS169 Kindergarten class.  This would not have been possible without a small army of gift-wrapping elves, so ENORMOUS thanks to the 4th and 5th grade Changemakers Afterschool class, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Kate, Jenny May-Reddy, and all the Saturday volunteers who made it happen!


This all started with the generous donations of books at the Fall Festival, and the incredible book sorting volunteers during the Craft Fair, without whom these messy piles of books would stilll be piled up in Ms. Joanna's office.  And if you feel like you missed a chance to participate, don't worry, we may have another one in the spring! :)


With much appreciation all around, and special thanks to ALL who volunteered time and support for each part of this effor


The Community Outreach Committee