TONIGHT!!!: PS107’s ‘Last Day of School Eve' Movie Night fun — Second Screening
Wed, Jul 1 2:53pm

Hello All,

The PS107 PTA, Diversity Committee and Sister School Committee are proud to bring you a second screeing of PS107’s ‘Last Day of School Eve' Movie Night fun.    

Get ready for your second chance to see our amazing kids in action as they ponder questions about school, life and the future.


The video will ONLY be available one more time to stream at your leisure

Tonight, July 1st from 6pm-9pm.  

We take this opportunity to raise money the PS107 PTA and the PTA of our sister school, PS169.  We are suggesting donations of $107, $169 or any amount you can offer. To show our solidarity with the D15 admission’s initiative, PS169 and PS107 will be dividing all funds on a 52% / 48% basis.

LINK (ONLY active 7pm-9pm tonight, July 1, 2020):


All children deserve the right to an equal, inclusive, quality education. We are proud that the PS107 community are active participants in advocating for racial equity not only in education but in the world beyond our school walls. 

So break out the popcorn, and schedule an afterparty Zoom for you and your kids with other PS107 families. It’s time to once again toast the end of our school year, and get ready to celebrate our amazing school and our continued support for diversity, equity, inclusion and all children.  

How do we see the movie?
Donate and then click on the link above between 7pm-9pm tonight, July 1!  While we encourage your donation, there is no obligation to contribute.


Movie Night is for All!

How long is the movie?
8-10 minutes.

Can I get a copy of the movie?
This is it.  Second screening.. For the privacy of our children, we cannot distribute a link to the movie. It will live in the PS107 archives.

*PS 169 in Sunset Park, BK is a vibrant community of families originally from South America, Central America, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, China, amongst other countries.  During this time, PS169 is serving 5000 meals daily out of its cafeteria.  Additionally, 60 families are receiving groceries weekly from our PS 107 driving team and South Brooklyn Mutual Aid.

Please help us reach our goal.  This is How We Do It.