Take a Class, Tell a Friend… Keep Afterschool Strong!
Mon, Oct 19 10:09pm

For nearly two decades Park Slope Afterschool Center has enjoyed providing high quality childcare and amazing specialty programs to the PS107 family.  We have been so happy to find a way to keep doing so during the pandemic when so many of our neighboring afterschool programs have been shuttered.


So far, our in-person and online programs have been a blast and we are excited to continue the fun!  Unfortunately, however, Due to the regulations and scheduling changes by the DOE, we have struggled to keep enrollment up.  Not being able to directly transition children to Afterschool or combine grades or cohorts has been a challenge to in-person programs.  We are outreaching to you to help us get the word out and to ask you to consider adding some of the stellar classes to your children’s schedule.


Do you have a 5th grader that self-dismisses from school?  Just sign our 5th grade self-dismiss form and inform us, and your 5th grader can come and go from our programs on their own!


For online options, we ask that you not only consider spreading the word to those in your circle about options, but we are extending to families who left 107 for this year due to the pandemic and those who have attended Afterschool in the past.  Miss seeing your friends?  Meet them in online Afterschool! It matters not what cohort you’re in during the day, an online class is a chance to learn and have fun with friends you don’t get to see in school.


Amazing activities to do outside!!  There are still spots in these programs:

  • Musical Theater Glee for grades 4-5: see instructor Kat Lee HERE
  • Gardening for grades 2-3: learn more about our gardening Instructor Jonathan Blumberg and the community garden program he runs HERE
  • Capoeira for grades 1-2: learn about Capoeira HERE
  • Circus for grades 1-2: check out instructor and professional clown Tanya at her YouTube channel HERE
  • Naturalist Club for grade 3: learn out our instructor Grace Markman HERE

Miss seeing your friends in different grades and cohorts?  Take a super fun program with them online:

  • Magic for grades 1-5: learn about Liam the Magician HERE
  • Raise the Bar for grades 3-5: check out the amazing PS107 song this class produced last year HERE
  • Cake Decorating grades 1-5: learn about instructor Dani Tagina HERE
  • Knitting for grades 1-5: learn about instructor Claudette Bradey HERE
  • Spanish for grades 1-4: learn about Brooklyn Beanstalks HERE


Not Enough to Choose from?

  • Mystery Writing & Comedy Writing for grades 3-5
  • Creative Corner for grades 1-2
  • MIT Scratch for grades 2-5
  • French for grades 1-2

Check out our website HERE

Check out registration site and classes HERE


Email director@psafterschool.org for help registering or additional information!


Join the fun or consider extending it; either way it’s a win-win for Afterschool and your family!