Tech Information for Remote Learning
Thu, Sep 17 5:16pm

Hello Families,


If you are having trouble getting into your google classroom please take the following steps:


1.  Make sure you have your NYC Student Account set up. 


If you do not > send an email from the email address you want associated with the account at including your name, your child's name and I will get you an account creation code.


2. Tip for PreK and Kinder only -  If you already have your NYC Student Account set up and it still is not working > login to  (the application portal where you applied to school) and  change your application student ID to your new OSIS number found in Operoo. We have been updating OSIS numbers today so check again to make sure you have the most up-to-date number for your child.


3. This DOE page has many helpful steps to get you up and running:


4. If none of those things work then try the NYC DOE Service Center for IT help.


Important to note is that it seems like the system is taking a long time to update. So once you open an account - it may be 24 hours before you can take the next step. Please be patient and keep in touch to let your teachers or me know if you are still having trouble. 


It will work out and we will get you all up and running soon!


Thanks for your patience!! - Pamela