Thank You For An Amazing Fall Festival
Fri, Oct 25 10:20am

Thank you PS 107 for another incredible Fall Festival! The gross income from our festival was over $28,000!

We had a beautiful day to come together and celebrate our community.

An event like this is impossible to pull off without generous support from our school and neighborhood. Thank you to all who attended the festival, volunteered their time and donated items to help make it a success!! We had over 220 volunteers who came out to help with setup, cleanup, and everything in between.

Thank you to the entire PTA Board for your support and hard work on the days leading up to and at the event: Amy Weintraub, Elizabeth De Velasco, Laurence Krulik, Anna Zhuravitsky, Ted McCagg, Kate Papacosma, Jennifer Jerutis, Michael Neithardt, Angie Gatti, Alyson Kupferberg, Kerry Dalton, and Bobby Markowitz.

A very special thank you to: 

  • Melissa Hetherington for working hard to increase our sponsor and community support this year.
  • Bobby Markowitz for helping to secure many of our generous sponsors, being our MC for the day, and for lots of bouncy fun on 14th Street!
  • Briehan Lynch and Mika Kleban for creating a great layout for the event and keeping us all on track.
  • Angie Gatti for supporting all the event's efforts and putting together our craft activities.
  • Sandy, Ms. Eve and Ms. Tara for challenging the kids at corn hole.
  • Our hard-working custodians Santi, Frank and Joe for doing an incredible job helping with setup and cleanup - and helping us be "green"!  
  • James MacDonald and all of the chili contestants for a very successful Chili contest. Congratulations to Alice Krieg, Erica Jensen and Daniel Brody - our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!
  • Julie Bridgham and all the pie bakers for a very successful pie contest, as well as Ms. Tara for being our judge. Congratulations to pie contest winner - Mark Wellman!
  • Arts Committee, Beast Relief, Community Outreach Committee, and the Annual Fund Committee who hosted creative tables to have fun, engage and learn more about our community.
  • Mari Dutra for designing all of our signage and materials.
  • Laurence Krulik and Anna Zhuravitsky for managing our money.
  • Julie and Ms. Sheri (and Ms. Sheri's mom) for helping out with the Arts Committee and Gear tables.
  • Alyson Kupferberg for running our fantastic PS 107 Gear table.
  • 107 Grandpa Ed Kleban for donning the mascot costume “Rhine-oh-7!”
  • All our class parents for helping spread the word and recruit volunteers.
  • Stephen Kitts for helping us be "green" by making us another water station.
  • Vanessa Solly for coordinating the committee tables and doing our Saturday morning pick ups.
  • Marcella Eckels for getting supplies and organizing our Donut Chomp and Challenge the Teacher activities.
  • Crystal DiMarco for organizing incredibly yummy and healthy food options for us all to enjoy.
  • Stephanie Becker for helping us get our permits in order.
  • Pamela Rosenberg for getting our sound permit and helping with coordination.
  • Marni McManus for organizing our wonderful raffle.
  • Michael Neithardt for helping us all stay connected with the amazing headsets.
  • Sunny Hwang and Mika Kleban for putting together one of the festival favorites - face painting!
  • Brian Wood for helping let our 14th Street neighbors know about the street closing and heating up the pies in your kitchen.
  • Susy Houx for letting us use your kitchen sink.
  • Lori Stark, Kristin Bane and Ted McCagg for getting all the food.
  • Ted McCagg and Kate Papacosma for all of our communications and social media to the community.
  • Joanna Lumbang Dowding and the dedicated 5th graders and their families who ran the Charity Lemonade Stand.
  • The wonderful residents of 14th Street for sharing their block with us for the day.
  • The alumni volunteers for coming back to PS 107 to help us stay "green" at the compost/recycle centers and work at our face painting tables.
  • All the PS 107 faculty and staff who attended the festival.
  • Everyone who donated books, the remaining of which will be donated to PS 169.
  • Our amazing sponsors:


It was an incredible day! We hope you and your families enjoyed it!


- Carey Dalton, Fall Festival Committee Chair


PS - If you still have any pie plates, containers, spin art or painted pumpkins to pick up there is a pick up area on the window sill behind lost & found.