Thank You for Coming to Art Day!
Wed, Dec 6 10:40am
Thank you so much for showing up and supporting the arts at P.S. 107 ART DAY!
Thank you to the PTA for funding Art Day so that such amazing and fun workshops can be offered to children and their families.
Thank you to Principal Eve for allowing us to use the building on a Saturday for this special enrichment day and for stopping by and participating in the art!
Thank you to all of the parents and teachers who stepped up to lead or assist in arts workshops; we literally could not do art day without you! Special shout out to the Beast Relief Committee and to the Artist & Craftsman art supply store for leading workshops.
Thank you to the bakers who made delicious treats to sell to fuel creativity, thank you to the volunteers who sold the tasty treats, and thank you to DAVIDsTEA for donating tea to taste!
Thank you to arts committee member Nancy Lin for organizing and overseeing the student performances on the 4th floor. Thank you to our talented students who bravely danced, read, played music and acted their hearts out! Thanks to Brooklyn Acting Lab for joining us again this year with improv and musical performances, thanks to the M.S. 51 chorus for inspiring our students with your songs. Thank you Ms. Pamela for announcing all of the performances over the loudspeaker and staying with us all day on a Saturday.
A special mention to arts committee members Kristi McNamara, Minji Devitt, Brooke Davies, Melissa Harris, Spring Holfelt, Nancy Goldenberg for their assistance behind the scenes to make art day great!
Last but not least, thank you to Officer Sharon for keeping us safe and to custodian Santi and his assistant Mike for staying late to help us clean up after the long and messy day.
-Julie Brunner Cross, P.S. 107 Visual Art Teacher and Arts Committee Liaison
Sarah Harlow and Becky Hutcheson, P.S. 107 Arts Committee Co-Chairs