Thank you for coming to STEAM Day!
Sun, Feb 4 5:04pm

This year’s STEAM Day (science, technology, engineering, art and math) was a huge hit, thanks to our amazing PS107 community of families, teachers & administrators, and our larger Park Slope Community! Our theme of Inventors, Innovators & Scientists was designed to make the workshops human and relatable. Throughout the school, kids could be seen at:

  • The Nerdy Derby Showcase event on the 4th floor, designing, building and racing wooden cars, inspired by Nikoli Tesla (thank you for hosting, Nerdy Derby! and special thanks to Chance Michaels, Meghan Jacobs & Kevin Jacobs for organizing a great group of parent volunteers and keeping everything safe & fun!)
  • Inventing Board Games, playing recently invented board and card games, and designing their own mods (thank you for your sponsorship and for hosting, Brooklyn Game Lab)
  • Archimedes Screw, figuring out how to design a tool to transport water from low to high (thank you for hosting, Mr. Ed & Sarah Schenck).
  • Life in A Cell, studying cork cells under a microscope, like early biologist Robert Hooke (thank you for hosting, Mr. Tomsik)
  • The Wright Brothers Flight School, designing and flying paper planes, homemade boomerangs and experimenting with flight launchers (thank you for hosting, Stephen Kitts)
  • The Farm Science workshop, learning about George Washington Carver, crop rotation, and how plants grow (thank you for hosting, Greg Campbell)
  • The Bouncy Ball Factory, where kids were inspired by space race chemist Norman Stingley to mix up their own bouncy balls in our PS 107 lab  (thank you for hosting, Michael Neithardt)
  • The Dino Dig, learning about famous female paleontologist Halszka Osmolska, while excavating mini dinosaurs and putting them in a plaster jacket (thank you to PS 107’s own paleontologist/parent Sunny Huang)
  • Lego Windmills with LittleBits, learning about how ancient Persians built early windmills, and then building a modern windmill with a circuit and Legos (thank you for hosting, Emma Medcalf, and also to our community volunteers at Lo3 Energy, who talked to kids and families about renewable energy )
  • Handmade Compass, learning how ancient Chinese inventors made early compasses, while experimenting with magnets and building a floating compass (thank you for hosting, Nancy Lin)
  • The Cold Science of Ice Cream, learning about using salt to lower the freezing temperature of ice, while making and shaking a batch of yummy vanilla! (thank you for hosting Tiny Scientist)
  • Circuit Masks, learning about Alessandro Volta’s invention of the battery, then designing masks with soldered circuits, lots of sparkles and a fun photo booth (thank you for hosting, Beam Center)
  • Mason Jar Aquariums, where kids learned about Jeanne Villepreux, the first scientist to build an aquarium to study marine life, and then made their own mini aquariums (thank you for hosting, Ms. Sheri (and your mom!) and Alyson Kupferberg)
  • ...and to fuel all this STEAM fun, thank you to Gillian Conroy for running a tasty STEAM Cafe!

HUGE THANK YOU to all who VOLUNTEERED their time and donated or sourced many of the materials to make our STEAM Day activities a success!! We had over 75 VOLUNTEERS who came out to help with every aspect of the day from setup to cleanup and everything in between. A special thank you to the entire PTA board for their wonderful support of our mission to bring engaging STEAM experiences to all our kids. 

Here are a few more people who deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication on Saturday:


  • To all you bakers who donated yummy treats for our STEAM cafe
  • To Leigh Smith, our PTA President, who is incredibly supportive in all ways
  • To Ellen Jan & David Kausch for collecting and organizing ALL the money
  • To Pamela Rosenberg for permits and general coordination ... you're great!
  • To Rebecca Calvani and Deepika Sankaran for helping with all the communications
  • To Ms. Eve & Ms. Pascal for supporting STEAM enrichment at PS107
  • To Bobby Markowitz for help recruiting community volunteers and sponsors
  • To our custodian Santi for amazing setup and cleanup
  • To Officer Sharon for keeping everyone in the building safe
  • To our alumni volunteers for coming back to give back to PS107
  • To David’s Tea for donating yummy drinks
  • to Petland Discount (on 5th Ave) for sponsoring the Aquarium workshop

**Please say thank you to our community sponsors if you stop in!**

Finally, thanks to everyone in the PS107 community for your financial support of the PTA. Even with all of our volunteers, STEAM Day requires a lot of materials and is an expensive event to produce. It could not happen without your generosity. 

We had a BLAST! Hope you and your family did too. 

-Jill Simeone & Emma Medcalf, Co-Chairs of the Math & Science Committee