Thanks for a Stupendous Stoop Crawl!
Mon, Oct 31 2:03pm
The 2022 Stoop Crawl was an incredible success! Over 160 PS 107 parents participated in a unique evening of meeting new people, eating + drinking, and making connections.  This was the event that people will be talking about for months!  A huge thank you to everyone who participated, including over 20 brand-new Kindergarten families!
We'd also like to send a very big thank you to Alyse Dosik for putting this entire event together! We applaud the energy and commitment she brought to making this a night to remember. 
The stoop crawl would have been impossible without our incredible hosts, who opened up their homes and hearts to our community. Thank you to all of the hosts who willingly volunteered, who were heavily persuaded to host, and who were all out strong-armed into doing it at the last minute.  Each one of you made this event a success.  
Laure Tamis + Michael Kalt
Vanessa + Matt Solly
Jenny May- Reddy + Michael Reddy
Gwen Radsch + Dave Mendelsohn
David Lasser + Joe Rahimian
Stephanie Syat + Jacob Gordon
Heather + Dan Glatter
Alyse + Alan Dosik
Susan Jackson + Jason Sylva
Katie Lane + Erik Holm
Ian Philp + Erin Osbourn
Jennifer Jerutis + John Ore
Laura + Justin Mendelsohn
Todd Lawton + Rebecca Dell'Aglio
Kelly Newton + Mark Kushemba
Kelly + Ali Mirian
Brooke + David Katz
Allie Merriam + Nick Kusnetz
Alice + Donald MacKenzie
Erin + Derek Bestreich
Evan + Rachel Appleby
Jonathan Busky + Galen Sherwin
Finally, A HUGE shout out to BIG NOSE, FULL BODY who donated 4 cases of wine which were distributed to each host home. Please thank them with your business.
PS 107 PTA