The Week Ahead: December 16th-December 22nd
Sun, Dec 15 9:40pm

Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)               

mon    16th     book fair (last day to help 107!)

wed   18th     NO MATH MAGIC THIS WEEK

                            photo retakes

thu    19th      thursday am track run

                            TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY


Bring Some Food For Teacher Appreciation Day THURSDAY!

Help us show our appreciation to the awesome Teachers and Staff at PS107! Please sign up to bring a treat to the Holiday Potluck next Thursday, December 19th.  Our teachers and staff really enjoy this holiday tradition, and all of the delicious foods that PS107 families bring!

Sign Up Here!

One More Day To Shop At Powerhouse and Donate To 107
Nobody wants socks for a gift. Or underwear. Or, god forbid,  towels. Everyone wants books. So tomorrow, go to Powerhouse and get them books on the last day of Book Fair! Powerhouse on 8th will donate 20% of all purchases to the PS 107 PTA

Donate $5 To Get A Toy For Our Sister School

It's an annual tradition that P.S. 107 purchases a small, $5 gift for each of the kindergarteners at our sister school, P.S. 169. They're having a holiday party next week and there is no budget for favors. 

Please go to this link to donate:

To those of you who have graciously offered to donate toys already, thank you, but in this case we need to get everyone the same thing. So it's best to make a financial donation.

Questions? Contact or 

Still Time To Buy Your Trees at Foley Firs and Support PS 107!


There's early tree getters, and there's late tree getters. Nobody is judging, especially the amazing folks at Foley Firs, who  are donating $10 for every tree sold to our PTA, no matter when you get your tree.

Just mention PS 107when you purchase your tree and sign the school’s fundraiser list and our PTA will receive the donation.

Thanks and have a great week!

Use These Links For Easy Ways To Donate To The PTA