The Week Ahead: December 9th-December 15th
Sun, Dec 8 9:58pm

Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)               

mon    9th     book fair (all week!)

wed   11th     math magic!

thu    12th      thursday am track run

fri      13th      pta mini meeting (am)


This week, each class will visit the Powerhouse Book Store to select and purchase books.  We need volunteers to help students make selections for their budget, and, as we've learned from past experience, we need every slot filled. It is only an hour of your day so sign up here to volunteer. (Tomorrow we need a bunch of volunteers for Ms Shannon and Ms Tamara!)
Book Fair Post #2: The Process
On the day of your child's visit to the Book Fair, please send money with them to buy a book. (If you don't know what day your child is going, check the volunteer sign-up.)
IMPORTANT: Please alert your teacher or Sarah Green if you need a scholarship for your child. The PTA will ensure that every child can purchase a book!
Book Fair Post #3: Book Fair Isn't Just For Kids!
Who says kids get to have all the fun? Parents, you too can shop after school (or during school for that matter) through December 16th and mention "PS 107" and your purchases will be counted in the book fair.  Powerhouse on 8th will donate 20% of all purchases to the PS 107 PTA. So go ahead, buy a book with no pictures! With swearing and scandal! You've earned it!
Buy Your Trees at Foley Firs at Support PS 107!


Once again, the amazing folks at Foley Firs are donating $10 for every tree sold to our PTA!

Just mention PS 107when you purchase your tree and sign the school’s fundraiser list and our PTA will receive the donation.

The stand is located on the corner of 8th Street and 8th Avenue. They offer free delivery and will gladly set the tree up, provided the tree stand is in place. The owner, the one and only Kevin Foley, told me today to remind parents 4 times in any communication to mention PS 107 when you purchase, which now, I guess that makes two, so... mention PS 107 when you purchase and mention PS 107 when you purchase.

PTA Mini-Meeting This Friday!

No evening PTA meeting this month, just a lil' one on Friday morning after drop off in the cafeteria.

Gear Pick-Up Friday!

If you ordered gear during the Fall Gear Sale, it will be available for pickup this Friday! More info this week.


Thanks and have a great week!

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