The Week Ahead: February 3rd-9th
Sun, Feb 2 11:15pm

Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)               

wed   5th    math magic!

thu    6th      4th & 5th grade book club

                         thursday am track run

fri       7th     first friday!

sat     8th      ART DAY!


Two things:
  1. Art Day is in 6 days 
  2. Seriously, ART DAY IS IN 6 DAYS!
We have an amazing day set up, with 18+ rooms of awesome art activities, but it can't happen without your help.  And that's not just hyperbole.  It literally can't happen without your help.
With less than a week to go we still have 60 openings. SIXTY!

Feel like you don't have time? Here's the rub:

  • Volunteering on Art Day is 90 minutes tops. 
  • If you're donating food, it takes whatever time to takes to make brownies (or just  go Ladybird to buy some cupcakes)

It's an amazing day that kids and parents both love and appreciate. So please do your part to help make it a great day.

Kindergarten Families: Together In Dance Informance* TOMORROW

K- families- TOMORROW, our Together in Dance educator, Macy Sullivan, will be hosting a dance "Informance"* in your child's classroom to celebrate what children have learned with her during the residency.  It's not a performance, it's a chance to see what the dance class is like.  Monday is the last day of the residency. 

The Informances will take place during Macy's regular teaching schedule

  • K106:  10:10-11:00
  • K108:  12:00-12:50
  • K101:  12:55-1:45
  • K105:  1:50-2:35
4th & 5th Grade Book Club THIS THURSDAY!
Join us at our next meeting is THIS Thursday, February 6 at 7:30am in the library.  
We’ll be discussing Nicole Panteleakos’ Planet Earth is Blue.
See you there!!
Use These Links For Easy Ways To Donate To The PTA
*"informance" is not a phrase made up by or endorsed as a real word by the PS 107 Communications Committee.