The Week Ahead: January 25th-31st
Sun, Jan 24 10:00pm

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Will You Be My PS 107 Fundraiser???

Calling all Valentines! Our virtual See’s Candy chocolate shop is open until January 29th! All orders are delivered before Valentine’s Day and shipped directly to your gift recipient! All candy is the same price as on the Sees website but PS107 gets 20-50% of every sale

Order Your See's Candy Here!


Volunteers Needed For 14th Street Outdoor Play!
As you may know, every Wednesday and Thursday between 11:15-1:15 our students and teachers at PS 107 are allowed exclusive use of 14th Street. The program is part of the larger city-wide effort "Open Streets: Schools”, created so our school communities have more space to safely run, play, and learn outside while meeting social distancing requirements. 
Efforts by our Parent Volunteers allow PS107 to keep 14th Street closed twice a week. 
But in order to keep this program running strong, we need additional parent volunteers. 
The task is simple: We stand at the top and bottom of 14th Street with barriers, in one hour shifts, keeping the kids safe and keeping cars and bikes off the street.
Volunteers can sign up for a single hour-long slot or (better yet) a recurring weekly slot.
We appreciate your efforts to help the program run more smoothly by volunteering, allowing our teachers take advantage of safe outdoor learning opportunities as well as regular outdoor playtime.  
Winter Gear Sale Is On!
Orders ship directly to homes early March!


Password is mod107


Have a great week!

The PS 107 PTA
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