The Week Ahead: March 4th-March 10th
Sun, Mar 3 10:42pm

Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)               

mon     4th     SNOW DAY 

wed     6th      math magic!

thu       7th      thursday morning track run

                             4th grade ballroom dance performance

sat        9th      heritage day

Heritage Day is THIS SATURDAY!

6 Days until Heritage Day! 

From vegemite and mohawks to bagpipes and throwing fish, we'll have over 25 countries/states/cities showing what makes them unique through food, crafts, presentations, and maybe even a dragon or two.

To make it all run smoothly, we only need EIGHT more volunteers (if you have some basic a/v skills, that'd be a plus for two of the opportunities.) 

Sign up here to volunteer!!!

See you Saturday!

Auction Tickets are on sale NOW!

The 2019 PS107 Auction Benefit will soon be upon us.  Buckle up and get your tickets NOW, as they won't last—and you do not want to miss your dance with Ms. Diane.  

Buy your tickets now!

Tea Clothing Sale To Benefit the PS 107 PTA

Once again, PS 107 PTA is pairing with the amazing folks at Tea Collection for a sale that benefits both you and the PTA.

Here's the deal:

  • from March 4-11th, shop at 
  • use the code SDS19PS107
  • you  get 15% off your order
  • they contribute 15% of all sales to our PTA
  • everyone wins. 

Fairway Community Partner Double Day is Tuesday March 12th

Shop at Fairway on Tuesday March 12th, swipe your PS 107 Community Partners card, and Fairway will double their contribution to PS 107! (If you want a card and don't have one, contact Ted at

Mixed Bag Fundraiser For 5th Graders

The 5th Graders are partnering with Mixed Bag to raise funds to help support and supplement their senior activities, graduation and their class gift for the school. 

We in no way expect the younger grades to be out soliciting and selling for this fundraiser but wanted all of the families of 107 to have an opportunity to order these great products while the fundraiser is going on. 
Please contact Angela at with any questions. 


Have a great week and happy snow day!