The Week Ahead: Oct 15th-22nd
Sun, Oct 14 11:21pm


Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)

tue       16      diversity committee meeting (3:00 pm)

wed     17      math magic!

                          diversity committee mini-meeting (8:30 am)

thu       18      thursday morning track run

                           pta meeting (6:30 pm)

fri         19      pta mini meeting (8:30 am)

                           track meet (marine park)

sun      21      track meet (mahwah high school)


Thank You For An Amazing Fall Festival!

What a day! What a turnout!

Thank you to the over 200 volunteers and everyone who came and helped support PS 107 this past Saturday! Special thanks to Fall Festival Chairs Angelique Gatti and Mika Kleban who pulled it all together, Angela Kurzawa who kept it running smoothly all day, Bobby Markowitz and Lesley Oseep for pulling together an amazing group of sponsors, and Grace Sharfstein for the beautiful design work!

Sign Up For Eat & Greet: A PS107 Progressive Dinner

Now imagine Fall Festival, but no kids in bouncy houses and all those juice boxes are full of wine.

That's Eat & Greet.

Saturday, Nov 3rd , 6-11pm.

As we said earlier, we need hosts, especially dinner hosts, which, lucky you, means you don't have to pay!
Harvest Day is Next Wednesday!
Come celebrate the harvest of our school's Sunshine Garden on Wednesday, October 24th. Join in the fun of tasting the fruits (and vegetables) of the season by volunteering for this fun, tasty, and festive event. Watch kids try roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes, homemade pickles, fresh-pressed juices, raw veggies and dips, and more.

If you can't come during the day on Wednesday, you can still help! We need people to prep and chop and bake the night before, on October 23rd. 

Harvest Day is a great chance to see our students interact and explore healthy eating with friends. Look for volunteer signups early this week, with frequent emails annoying you to volunteer for the following week after that.

A Note of Thanks from our Sister School

"THANK YOU to the PS 107 community for your incredible generosity to our PS 169 family in urgent need. Your donation of $1,665 will be added to the $400 raised by the P.S. 169 community. This over $2,000 donation will be immediately helpful. We are so fortunate to have you as our sister school!"

-Joanna Cohen, Assistant Principal, P.S. 169Thanks!
The PS 107 PTA