The Week Ahead: Oct 29th-Nov 4th
Sun, Oct 28 10:15pm


Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)

wed     31      math magic!

thu       1      thursday morning track run

fri         2       first friday 

sat       3       eat & greet progressive dinner



Six Days Til Eat & Greet!

Once again, Eat & Greet is SOLD OUT! Thanks so much! For all those attending, you'll be getting your assignments this week as to where to show up for appetizers/dinner/dessert. For all those attending, have fun and remember, what happens at Eat & Greet usually ends up in the Big Yard.

THIS WEDNESDAY: Digital Identity: A Social Media and Cybersecurity Workshop

Wednesday, October 31st, at 8:30am, we will be hosting a workshop on the 4th floor to help parents define digital footprints, how to engage with your child online, social media strategies, and cyberbullying. Facilitated by school mental health consultants and The Office of School Health.

Art Day is December 8th 

Fall Festival? Done!

Harvest Day? Harvested.

Next up...Art Day!

Yes, Art Day is Saturday, Dec. 8th from 12-4pm.  Enjoy hands-on arts workshops, performances, and fun activities throughout the school. Food and drinks will be served at the bake sale.

Why are we telling you this in October? Well, we'll need performers, so if you play an instrument, sing, dance, act or anything else entertaining we want you to perform! And if you have any fun art skills, we'll need workshop leaders and assistants! Past workshops have included:

- Printmaking
- Cookie Decorating
- Karaoke Room
- Fabric Arts
- Crayon Relief and Watercolor Painting
- Portrait Drawing
New ideas are always welcome, too! Willing to help but unsure what you can do? Contact Becky Hutcheson from the Arts Committee, who answer any questions you might have.

Lost & Found Is Full Up

The Lost and Found Committee needs your help! The garment rack on the 1st floor is completely full of unlabeled clothing. The committee will do our best to return all labeled items so please label first and last name on items that come to school, especially outerwear and water bottles. See the photos attached to this email to see if anything belong to you, and don’t forget to stop by the bins and rack on the first floor during the week or on First Friday, or ask your child to retrieve lost items. We will be donating the excess items after First Friday.
Have a great week!
The PS 107 PTA