The Week Ahead: September 28th- October 4th
Sun, Sep 27 11:02pm

Look Ahead:

(see your Konstella calendar for more details)               

mon   28st   NO SCHOOL (Yom Kippur)

tue     29th  Group A

wed   30th Group B

thu    1st  Group A

fri       2nd  Group B


We're Doing This! (Right?)

So... as of 10:45 pm on Sunday night, the 27th of September, hybrid is ON!

(OK, we just jinxed it.)

Here, our amazing parents of PS 107, is your first Week Ahead for the year.


FYI: There's No School Tomorrow


What To Do When You Get To School This Week(Part 1): Where/When To Go
 There are 5 separate entrances being used for arrival and dismissal:
  • Big Yard Front (8th Ave Gate): 
    • 2-204 (8:30)
    • 3-304 (8:30)
    • 5-401(8:30)
    • 5-403 (8:30)
  • Big Yard Rear (14th Street Gate): 
    • 4-308 (8:30)
    • 4-306 (8:30)
    • 3-208 (8:30)
    • 3-206 (8:30)
    • K108 (8:50*) (*8:50 until 10/5; 8:45 thereafter)
  • Garden Entry (13th Street): 
    • 1-102 (8:40)
    • 1-201 (8:40)
    • 1-202 (8:40)
    • 2-205 (8:30)
  • Little Playground Entry (13th Street): 
    • 4-307 (8:30)
    • 1-207 (8:40)
    • PreK107 (9:00 until 10/5; 8:45 thereafter)
  • Main Entry: 
    • 2-305 (8:30)
    • K105 (8:50*)
    • K106 (8:50*) (*8:50 until 10/5; 8:45 thereafter)

There will be signs on all of the fences to direct you to the correct area. Please line up with your child in that area before your scheduled arrival time.  Please make every attempt to socially distance when waiting for the yard to open. 

What To Do When You Get To School (Part 2)  Show Your Positive Operoo ID
Alright, here's the new part: Operoo/Care Monkey.
If you have signed up for Operoo, you will get a prompt  in your email each morning your child is scheduled to attend school. You will be asked to complete a quick health screening before drop-off.
Once you enter your positive results, you will get a response with a green check mark in an email.
This is what you'll need to show school administrators before you can enter the school.
We Need Class Parents!
This year, with A and B co-horts, we'll need a bunch more Class Parents than usual.  The role of the class parent will be different this year, of course, but if you want to:
  • keep your smaller-than-usual group tight and connected to the teacher and the school
  • help teachers get what they need to keep classes running as smooth as possible
  • maintain a great support system for your class,

...just email Ted at to sign up to be a class parent!  (Multiple class parents per class are always welcome!)

Lunch Pals 2.0
So, lunch at school won't be what it used to be. But that doesn't mean we won't need help!
With the news that we will have 14th street closed for the fall during school hours, we will need volunteers to help monitor the two ends of the street in shifts every day during certain hours. (We're calling this Lunch PALS 2.0 for the time being. Whether actual lunch in involved is up in the air.) 
All the specifics are TBD but if you have the time and willingness, contact Ted at and we'll get you on the list.


Thanks and have a great week!

The PS 107 PTA

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