There Are Still A Few Art Day Openings!
Fri, May 14 3:02pm

Tomorrow's forecast is 75 degrees, so...

Get outside and do some Art!

There are still some open spots available for In Person Art Day tomorrow, including:

  • Faux Stained Glass!!! 
  • Finger Knitting Fun!!!
  • Melting Marker Art!!!
  • The Art of Noticing!!!

PERSONAL NOTE: The Art of Noticing  is an amazing class where you'll take your own personal viewfinder for a walk in the park, looking through cutout shapes to create different compositions, and see how that allows us to notice new and inspiring things. The walks will be about 20-30 minutes. Only 2 walks going out, so sign up!

Sign Up Here For Any Class!

Sign-ups close at 8:30 TONIGHT so don't miss out!!