This Weekend's Events
Mon, Jun 1 4:21pm

Dear PS107 Families,
This weekend we watched as our nation exploded in protests over the needless death of George Floyd. The conduct of the four Minneapolis police officers that sparked these protests have highlighted once again questions about equity and equality as they relate to race in America. This has come at a time when we should be standing firmly together to fight the devastating COVID-19 virus which, by no coincidence,  has disproportionately stricken our communities of color. This tragedy, like so many others before it, reminds us that racism in America, also insidious, is as lethal as any virus.
We are concerned for our children's well-being in this very tense and unsettled environment. We feel it is important for families to speak to their children about these events to help them build an understanding. These may be difficult conversations but they are important. We hope you will take the time to have them.

Here are two resources that may be a good place to start: - Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race

Our Diversity Committee will be sharing other resources with you as well. Please reach out to Sarah Green, Rinah, or me if you have particular concerns that you would like to discuss.

From his jail cell in Birmingham, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  These words, written almost 60 years ago, were never truer. The shame is that we have not all learned to live by them.