This year’s different. Help make it good.
Fri, Sep 25 10:51am

This year’s different.

With so much in flux, students, teachers and administrators need new kinds of support - and the flexibility to adapt to opportunities as they arise. 

One important way that families can support our children’s education is by making a gift to the PS 107 Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is our school’s biggest fundraising effort each year. It includes out-right, tax-deductible gifts from families to the PTA organization. 

Our goals this year are 100% participation and $200,000. Thank you very much to those of you who have already given. So far in this first week of instruction, we have raised over $18,000. Amazing!

We hope that every family will be invested by making a gift at the level that is right for them. Whether you contribute the $10 you would have spent at Fall Festival or whether your family can give $5,000, your gift makes a difference.

People often ask for a suggested amount, and again, we hope that you will give what is right for you, but we estimate that to reach our goal, it works out to about $500 per student. 

So far this year, PTA funding has had a huge impact from which our kids and families already benefit. The PTA contributed to PS 107 having a remote and hybrid schedule of A/B cohorts instead of A/B/C cohorts, despite government budget cuts: This is because the PTA provided resources for teacher compensation and long-term subs to lead classrooms. This is a big deal, and we are so glad about it!

In addition, we’ve responded to Covid-19 by buying face shields for teachers, thermometers for Nurse Kara, and cleaning supplies, all to supplement what the DOE provides.

So what’s next? Well, given that none of us knows exactly what this year will bring, we need to position the school to be able to adapt; protect children, teachers, and staff; and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. In addition to support that helps our children and community this year, we will prepare to fund as much as possible teaching staff needs in the coming year. 


We hope you will give as generously as you can via Konstella.


If you have any questions, please contact parent Elizabeth de Velasco at

Thank you so much!

We are PS 107.