UPDATE! Introducing the First Issue of the PS 107 School Newspaper!
Fri, Oct 14 8:07am

EDIT: I'm told the newspaper is difficult to read in Google Doc format. It is now linked to as a PDF! Also, huge thanks to 4th grade teacher Marybeth LoPorto for getting these students started on their journalism career while they were in her 4th grade class. 


Dear PS 107 Community, 


I'm pleased to share with you the inaugural issue of The 5 Day Week, PS 107's first student-run newspaper. This paper was conceived of, written and edited by 5th graders Elie, Saryah, and Stella. It will be published monthly, with hard copies going to all 4th and 5th grade students and digital copies being sent home via Konstella. 


Please share the paper with your children (have them vote on the poll that's included!). Congratulations to our 5th grade editors on a job well done!



Ms Joanna