Wed, Mar 24 10:13am

As many of you read over the weekend, the eldest daughter of a family from PS169, our sister school, was missing.  We learned moments ago that Brittany Lezama, 14, has been found. She is currently hospitalized, but we don't have additional details.

While Brittany's parents are caring for her, we would like to support them and her siblings, who are in 3rd grade and 6th grade and still attending school. We are looking for volunteers to provide a warm meal and some comfort in this scary time. Because of the need for privacy, we are asking you to prepare meals to be picked up by 4pm, and then we will deliver to the family. Restaurant meals are also fine, but we would like to pick up and deliver them ourselves. We are grateful for the help our communities can provide in such difficult times. 

Here is the link for the meal train: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/qmn67l

 Thank you for your support.