URGENT: Grillmasters and Food Servers Needed for Fall Festival
Fri, Oct 18 10:26am


Good News: The weather forecast is looking amazing for tomorrow's Fall Festival!!

Bad News: The volunteer forecast is a little less sunny.

There are still over 190 open volunteer slots.

(Sign up here!)

If you spare less than 90 minutes at any time tomorrow, we would very much appreciate it!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of volunteers, we are going to have to cancel or cut short a bunch of the activities unless they get filled.

But one of the things we can't cancel is the food!!

Making and serving food is a big part of Fall Festival, especially in the afternoon, and we don't have anyone signed up to man the grill or sell food at crucial points in the day. 

If you can, we need these jobs filled above all others, so click here to sign up!!! We can't do this without your help!

Thanks so much and see you tomorrow!


The Fall Festival Committee