Updated Important Information for PS 107 families
Thu, Mar 23 10:51am

Good morning PS 107 families.

Update: We are still reporting cases to the classrooms. If there is a confirmed case of lice, we will notify each class.

Unfortunately, I have started to hear from some families that head lice is making a comeback so I encourage you to watch your child for the telltale signs of constant scratching of their head. We also recommend a full comb out this weekend for all grades, as lice can pass very easily from student to student.

If lice or nits are found we recommend chemical free removal using a reputable lice comb like NISSKA, conditioner and baking soda. Instructions are attached to this Konstella post for those who need. Any family who finds nits or lice should comb out every 6-10 days for about 4 weeks.

For professional, chemical free lice removal you can also reach out to the Lady Bugs by calling Ms Shayna Brown at 718.851.2844 or 347.581.9894.