Updates on Shelter-in-Place
Tue, Apr 12 12:24pm

Dear PS 107 Families,


As you know, PS 107has been in a "Shelter-In" status due to a nearby incident and ongoing police investigation.


A "Shelter-In" occurs when there has been a DOE or NYPD determination of a threat or danger outside the school building. When a Shelter-In is called, all building doors are locked, and no one is permitted to enter or leave the school building.


During a Shelter-In children are having a typical school day, and are safe in their classrooms with their teachers and classmates. I have been in several classrooms already and children are learning and having a very typical school day. 


What does this mean for the children?

From the children's perspective, there is little change to their school day. Classes and enrichments continue as usual, and movement within the building is not restricted. Gym and recess are moved inside the building, but no other changes are necessary.


Can I come pick up my child?

During a Shelter-In, parents are not able to come pick up their children, as we are not permitted to open the school doors. (Note that we have allowed some very sick children to go home.) 


Will parents be notified when the Shelter-In has ended?

We are in close contact with the NYPD and the DOE, and as soon as the Shelter-In is lifted by the NYPD or DOE, we will share an announcement via Konstella. 


We will continue to share details as we receive it. Please stay safe. 


Joanna Cohen