Wed, Oct 7 3:42pm

I know kitten, but it’s true!

Whether you're a blended or remote learner (yes, even if you're 100% remote, you're welcome to attend Afterschool!) there are still spots in our fabulously in-person and outdoor programs such as:

  • Gardening (grades 2-3)
  • Musical Theater Glee (grades 4-5)
  • Capoeira (grades 1-2)
  • Art Naturally (grade 1)
  • Naturalist Club (grade 3)
  • Track (grades 1-5)
  • Animal, Fairy & Gnome House Building (Pre-K-K)
  • Play Pods (Pre-K-5)

As well as in our awesome on-line programs:

  • Magic (grades K-5)
  • Cake Decorating ( grades 1-5)
  • Raise the Bar (grades 3-5)
  • Creative Corner (grades 1-2)
  • Spanish (grades 1-4)
  • French (grades 1-2)
  • Mystery Writing (grades 3-5)
  • Comedy Writing (grades 3-5)

AND we have teachers standing by to provide academic support with our online small-group tutoring program for grades Pre•K-5th!


Parent testimonials from Week 1:

We switched our son to remote learning because we needed some consistency in our lives. Remote learning has been going great, but we were worried that he wouldn’t have any real-life social interactions with his friends. That’s why we are so thankful for PS107’s amazing afterschool program. He attends in-person afterschool classes 3 times a week. He is so happy to run around and play with his friends through his play pod and track classes. And of course getting to see Ms. Sandy and Ms. Diane is always a plus. I believe the afterschool program has been so good for him not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Thank you PSCCC!


Our son is happy with both in person and online classes. As a remote family, I was SO happy to see folks while dropping him off for class and for him to get to be outdoors, learning and creating with kids from school, even in that limited timeframe.


Our daughter was so happy to go back to school this year (as were we!) but that first week back, she felt a little weird with the "stay in your seat" rules that are necessary in these times. Fortunately, all that changed with the start of  Afterschool! It was like she was truly back to the place she missed so much, playing and hanging with friends (safely, of course), and having the social learning that she desperately missed and needed. It's been so so great!


Seeing my fifth grader head to the park with other kids after school -- supervised by her gym teacher and math teacher, unbelievably -- gives me rare peace of mind and joy during this pandemic! My husband and I are working from home and can't give our daughter the attention she's craving from trusted and familiar adults. We love that she's running around outdoors, without a screen, and bonding with kids she doesn't see frequently enough. It doesn't even matter what the class description is -- if it's outdoors, and it's Park Slope Afterschool -- we're in, and we love it!


Please join us and other 107 Friends & Families!!

Visit our website psafterschool.org

Join the lottery at 6crickets

After adding yourself to our waitlist, email the director for support at director@psafterschool.org to complete your registration.

Thank you!

Sandy Phillips

Executive Director, PSACC