Ways to Advocate for More COVID-19 Testing in Schools
Wed, Dec 22 1:30pm

Hi Everyone,

Coming out of Ms. Joanna's Town Hall, the PTA and SLT wanted to share some ways our community can advocate for more in-school COVID testing for both students and teachers. 

 1) You can sign this petition started by the PTA at 321:


 2) You can call 311 and leave a message requesting testing be increased. 

 3) Our SLT is connecting with other D15 SLTs to draft a letter asking for increased testing. To help out please contact Biba Milioto, one of our SLT Parents at bibamilioto@gmail.com

4) Twitter as a social media outlet can make an impact along with email, and a good old-fashioned phone call where you can leave a message. Pamela was kind enough to compile this list of contact info:

Schools Chancellor
Tweet: @DOEChancellor 
Mail: Tweed Courthouse, 52 Chambers Street, NY NY 10007
Mayor Bill DeBlasio
Tweet: @NYCMayor
NYC Mayor's Office
Governor Kathy Hochul
Shahana Hanif
David Banks
NYC Public Schools
NYCDOE Office of Safety & Youth Development
City of New York
Chalkbeat NY
New York City
5) Share any and all of the above information!


The PTA and SLT