We Need Your Cute Kids for a Teacher Appreciation Video
Sun, Apr 25 4:00pm - Wed, Apr 28 8:30pm
1 day before
For Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making a short video, taped from gallery views of our kids on Zoom.
Here’s how it will work: if your child(ren) would like to be involved, sign up for one of the sessions below. We will send you a zoom link for the session, record what your kids love about their teachers and then edit it all into a 2-3 minute video "thank you" video.
It will be funny, sweet, heartbreaking and full of laughs. Promise.
Important information:
  • Your child does not need to have anything prepared! We will ask them questions about what they love about PS 107 and their teachers, and we love impromptu answers
  • If your child wants to prepare something, we’ll absolutely record that too! We may not be able to use everyone’s Oscar speech in its entirety, but if someone has a burning wish to speak, we will of course honor it
  • We also love visuals. Your child could hold up a picture or a piece of paper with a statement — really, anything goes. We’re looking for heartfelt
  • Honestly, we’re going to try to keep it short and sweet and coach the kids to collectively say"thank you". So if you can get them logged on, we’ll take it from there

*Participation on this Zoom means you give permission for your child to be taped for the purposes of this video*

Here are the sign up times. If they don’t work for you and you would like your kid to participate, email Adrianna at adrianna@ps107.org and she’ll see what she can do to accommodate you. Thank you, and see you on the internets!
Sunday, April 25: 4pm
Monday, April 26: 4pm
Tuesday, April 27: 6pm
Wednesday, April 28: 8pm



Recording Session 1 Signed Up: 8 / 20

Sun, Apr 25 4:00pm-4:30pm
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Recording Session 2 Signed Up: 13 / 20

Mon, Apr 26 4:00pm-4:30pm
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Recording Session 3 Signed Up: 18 / 20

Tue, Apr 27 6:00pm-6:30pm
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Recording Session 4 Signed Up: 5 / 20

Wed, Apr 28 8:00pm-8:30pm
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