Week 1
Fri, Mar 27 5:09pm

Dear PS107 Families,

As the first week of of remote learning comes to an end, I am pleased that so much went so well.  Yes, there are still many problems to work out - with technology, schedules, finding the right balance of assignments and screen time.  But we are much further along than I imagined would be possible so quickly.  As our teachers delve into online platforms, they are finding new ways to expand their teaching "muscles" and are confronting new personal challenges.  I suppose this is one of the good things to come from this shutdown: We are all confronting and overcoming personal challenges.  

I hope you are beginning to find the balance between e-school, your own work responsibilities, and your home life... no small task!  In this vein, I want to remind you that we understand you have an overwhelming job to do.  In an effort to mimic the school day, our teachers have assigned work in most of the content areas, as have our Cluster teachers. We know for many of you, it is too much.  I have asked all of our teachers to prioritize what's most important, so that you can better manage your child's schoolwork.  Flexibility is crucial right now, as we all get comfortable in this new teaching/learning format.  Please don't worry about anything school-related except getting through the day without a major headache!   

Starting on Monday I'm going to take my own dive into live-streaming video by hosting Zoom "Lunch with Ms. Eve" meetings every day.  I'll meet with our Kindergarteners, class by class, first.  Please check for a Zoom invitation in Konstella.  Like the rest of our staff, I really miss your kids!

Have a lovely weekend, and be well.