Welcome Back & An Important Announcement
Mon, Jan 4 10:41am

Dear PS107 Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!  I hope you had a good vacation with plenty of time away from screens!  I am writing to share an important announcement for our community.

Last month Mayor De Blasio challenged all schools to accommodate 5 day/week in-person instruction for our highest needs populations, a noble goal that recognizes that for many children there is no substitute for full-time in person learning. Looking at the data from schools across the city, many of which had only 20-30% of their students attending in person, he deemed it possible for many schools to do this. This was not true for all District 15 schools, however, where a larger percentage of students attend in person.  Our school is a good example. Each week, over 72% of PS107 students come to the building for instruction. For us, the size of our in-person cohorts and space constraints are some of the key factors that determine whether 5 day/week instruction is possible. 

However, after careful review, and in consultation with Superintendent Skop and our School Leadership Team, we are delighted to be able to offer 5 day/week instruction to our first grade students who are now already attending in person. First grade is a  critical year in a child’s reading development. Full time in-person instruction will help build a strong foundation and important literacy skills for these students and is a high priority for us. We wish we could offer this to all other grades, but with social distancing requirements, staffing limitations, and room capacity limits, we are unable to do so.

Details about the impending change will be shared with first grade families and a Zoom meeting to discuss this change further is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9am.

Wishing you a health-filled and happy 2021!