Welcome to the New School Year
Wed, Sep 6 5:58pm

Dear PS107 Families,

We are so excited about the first day of school!   Our teachers have been preparing since last week and our classrooms look beautiful.  They can't wait to meet their new students.

If it rains tomorrow morning we will keep the big yard closed.  In this case, please bring your child(ren) directly to the classroom(s).  Please enter the building through the main door.  

If the weather is good, please bring your 2nd - 5th grader to the big yard for morning arrival. Classroom teachers will meet you there at 8:20am, holding class signs up high for you to see. Out-of-classroom teachers will be in the yard to assist you in finding your child's class.  The area where your child's teacher is located in the morning is the same one where s/he will dismiss from at 2:40pm.  

Parents of children in grades K & 1 should enter the building on the 13th Street side.  You may bring your child(ren) directly to their classroom(s) tomorrow.  There will be teachers in the courtyard to assist you in case you're unsure where to go.  Kindergarten dismissal is at NOON tomorrow only.  Kindergarten dismissal is always in the 13th Street courtyard.  First grade children will be dismissed in the big yard at 2:40pm.  Staff members will be outside at dismissal to assist you in locating your child(ren).

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. It's going to be a great year!