What Should You Volunteer For At STEM Day??
Wed, Feb 26 11:28am

STEM Day is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (May 7th), and we have a bunch of different rooms that need volunteers. So which one is right for you?


1. Build Your Own Catapult! - Gwen Radsch (Sign up!)

An exciting, hands-on engineering and physics activity for all ages: this catapult made out of popsicle sticks and a bottle cap is the perfect kids' STEM activity.

2. DNA: The Code of All Life- Giulia Calenda and Laura Gibson Rimer (Sign up!)

Learn how DNA connects all forms of life, plants and animals (including humans). We will extract DNA from strawberries and learn how it affects life in many ways.

3. StarLab!- Steven Tomsik & Marcellus Forbes (Sign up!)

Enter the tunnel, sit in the dark and experience the night sky, hear stories about some of the constellations, and try a couple of experiments with darkness and light. Not appropriate for small children who are afraid of the dark.

4. Computer Coding- Marybeth LoPorto (Sign up!)

Coding with Ms. Marybeth!

5. Under The Microscope! (Sign up!)

Kids will discover a world they cannot see with their naked eyes but looking at various slides under the microscope.

6. Fibonacci! - Mr. Ed (Sign up!)

7. Lego Spy Robots! - Tech Explorers (Sign up!)

Build spy lego robots using sensor technology.


There are also plenty of other volunteer opportunities (set up/clean up/donating baked goods or drinks!)

Sign up today!