What a day today was!
Wed, Nov 10 7:19pm

It was a beautiful, joyful day at PS 107, as 170 students received their first COVID vaccine dose at our school. I can't thank the parents volunteers who joined us, enough. They made the day run so smoothly (in spite of some initial hiccups) — and their enthusiasm was palpable, which made the day that much better. Thank you, too, to our Parent Coordinator extraordinaire, Pamela Rosenberg, who strategized and organized and prepared for this momentous event for days on end (and probably didn't sleep very much). 


We are so thrilled that children ages 5-11 are finally able to get vaccinated. As one parent said to me this morning, after I apologized for the long wait for their child to get the shot, "I've been waiting for this moment for 20 months. I can wait a little while longer." 


And finally, I've never seen children so excited to get a shot. It was a very special day. (For evidence, see attached.)



Ms Joanna