What a spread! A big potluck THANK YOU!
Thu, Dec 22 12:34pm

BIG THANKS to our school community for coming together yesterday to appreciate PS 107 teachers and staff with the Breakfast Potluck and Afternoon Treats! 


You woke up bright and early bearing egg souffles and warm-your-belly dishes, delicate pastries, bagels by the dozen, and coffee schlepped across Park Slope in really big containers. Families shared personal favorites that teachers and staff have clearly coveted over the years and were gone in a flash. The afternoon was filled with beautifully made treats--cookies, candies, and cakes. So many, in fact, that teachers and staff will enjoy your treats today, as well. Bountiful chocolates and teas were provided that will sustain them well into 2023! 


A big thanks also to those who provided decorations, showed up, set up, and cleaned up! 


Are you missing a dish or bowl? Please pick it up in the office, preferably this week. 


The spirit of giving is just one of the keystone values that make our community so special. We wish you a safe, joyful, and restful holiday break! 


With appreciation,

PS 107 PTA