With Thanks
Wed, Nov 25 9:45am

Dear PS107 Families,

On this Thanksgiving eve, in a year that has posed so many unimaginable challenges to every one of us, ironically, it seems easier to find so many things to be grateful for. For me, like many of you, our PS107 community is one.

This fall, when I would hear the happy shouting and laughter of the children playing in the yard, I knew that everything was going to be all right. Our kids are strong and resilient. Whether at home or in the building, they love life and have a thirst for knowledge and friendship. And even though we aren't there now, there is hope in the not too distant future  that we will all be together again - in person - in our majestic old building, celebrating the big and little things in school life that bring joy and pride to our kids and make all of our lives richer. 

Thank you for your on-going commitment and support of our children, teachers and staff, and, importantly, of each other. Each of you help make us a stronger community. Whatever uncertainties lie ahead, we will face them together, knowing how fortunate we are to be part of this special community.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

With gratitude,