Yard Play & More Building Informaiton
Wed, Mar 6 3:38pm

Dear PS107 Families,

As you've noticed, the sidewalk sheds went up remarkably quickly, and we've just learned that the scaffolding above the sheds, the street staging areas, and the yard fence will be coming along almost as rapidly. 

School Construction Authority is planning to install the fence that will bisect the yard early next week.  This week they will continue to hang the lights underneath the sheds, so that all covered areas are well-lit.  (We were as surprised as you on Tuesday to find the cave-like conditions created by covering the 13th Street courtyard!)  We anticipate the actual exterior work will be in full swing before the end of the month. 

Once the interior yard fence is installed, we will have a better sense of how we will need to adapt to these new conditions. Our highest priority is to keep our children safe in our limited play space.   It has become clear that unsupervised play in the yard before school  is unsafe with the scaffold structures in place .  Therefore, we feel it is necessary to keep the yard closed until 8:15am for the duration of the project. 

Children may enter the yard for morning  arrival when the supervising adult opens the gate at 8:15am.  As always, children may come to school anytime after 7:45am to have breakfast and be supervised in the cafeteria but they will be not permitted to leave the cafeteria once they are in the building.

Thank you for understanding.  Please let me know if you have any questions.