Your Questions Answered--Annual Fund
Tue, Oct 25 6:22am

Here’s the scoop on the Annual Fund and why it’s a big deal for our kids! (Already an expert? Click here to give today.) 


Who gives to the Annual Fund?


We all do. PS 107 parents, grandparents and extended family are the most common donors.


What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the PTA’s biggest fundraising campaign to support PS 107’s ongoing needs. It is separate from the PTA’s other fundraising efforts, such as events (Fall Festival, Stoop Crawl, etc), Read-a-thon, gear sales, and affiliate link proceeds. Annual Fund donations are out-right, tax-deductible gifts to the PS 107 PTA. The PTA is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is separate from the school itself, which is a government entity.


Our Annual Fund goals this year are $220,000 and 100% family participation. So far, we’ve raised $66,124. Thank you to those who have already given!


Why give?

Our kids. Our community. Our teachers, staff, and families at the school. Your support of the Annual Fund impacts our collective, every day experience at PS 107. Especially this year, budget cuts across the DOE are leaving schools, including ours, to supplement their operations with PTA funds. The Annual Fund offsets school operating expenses; for example, art, music, and science teachers, professional development for teachers, and artist residencies, and so much more.


When do I give?

Now or whenever your family can maximize your contribution within the school year. It’s an “Annual” Fund in part because it runs all year round. The PTA’s fiscal year is July 1-June 30, so we count all gifts received in that time period. You might choose to make a one-time gift, or you can make a monthly, recurring donation through Konstella. 


Where do I give?

Online donations with a credit card can be made through Konstella. Checks can be made out to “PS 107 PTA” and dropped off or sent to the school (1301 8th Ave, 11215) to the Attention of the PTA. If you want to give through a donor advised fund or another charitable giving platform, contact for any details you might need to complete your transaction. 


How much should my family give? 

We hope that families give an amount that is meaningful to them. Our goal is $220,000 (increased by 10% from last year). To reach our goal, it works out to about $450 per student. Last year, the mode gift was $500 and the average donation was $887. So far this year, gifts range $5 to $7,000. 


Are you a renewing donor? If so, we kindly ask you to increase your support this year if you are in a position to do so. Doing so will help us collectively reach our increased goal for the Annual Fund. 


Remember: Every gift matters. Your gift matters. 


Click here to donate. 


Thank you for your support! 


Questions? Please contact PS 107 parent, Diana Gatschet, at