thoughts on the events in Uvalde, Texas
Tue, May 24 8:10pm
We have learned that the unthinkable has happened once again, this time in the small town of Uvalde, Texas, near the Mexico border. I know that this affects us even more deeply as parents  of young children, our worst fear being that this horrific violence might strike our children's school community one day. I am not only devastated to hear the news of this shooting and learn of the young lives tragically lost, but I am also beyond angry that our country has been unable to address the absolute crisis of gun violence in the years between Sandy Hook and Uvalde. We deserve to feel safe at school.  
One of my favorite authors, Min Jin Lee, just tweeted, "Our bodies are not designed to absorb and process this much violence, loss, and grief." She is exactly right. In this time of tremendous loss, trauma, and darkness, let's hold onto each other to find the light.
I shared these resources with teachers, in the event that students bring up this tragic shooting at school. They are also really helpful for having these difficult conversations at home. (Thanks to our social worker, Ms. Colleen who passed along these resources to me.) Our guidance counselor Sarah Green and social worker Colleen Dondero will be available in the coming days to meet with children who are having a particularly difficult time. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly to either Sarah ( or Colleen (  if you need anything. 
wishing you peace,