Available Classes for Spring Enrichment
Mon, Mar 5 2:58pm
PS58 The Carroll School

Hi! Registration is underway for our spring enrichment classes. We do have spots still available. Check out the details below!

Click here for a quick glance grid of available classes by day & grade.
Click here to register. Use the search box and type in a small part of the class name as an easier way to bring up the classes you want.
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PreK Classes: Each of our PreK classes have a spot or two available. These are still open to our PreK students but we are now willing to accept kindergartners as well. The classes are Mon: Little Explorers; Tue: Storybook Theatre; Wed: Yoga; Thu: Lego Pre Robotics; Fri: Art & Painting. Please be aware that most of these classes only have one to two spots available so they may go quickly.
Some Highlights:
Middle School Success: This is highly recommended for all fifth grade students! It's a great way to help prepare for all the changes coming down the road next year. 
Putting on a Pet Show: Got an animal lover? Learn all about how to be a good pet owner & what makes a great pet. Students will fun field trips to local businesses! Pet ownership not a requirement!
Mindful Yoga: We have a few spots in both the 1st & 2nd Grade Yoga on Tuesdays and 3rd & 4th Grade Yoga on Thursdays. This is a fun yoga class for children that explores yoga through movement, books, games, and teamwork!  
Let's Make A Play: Students take the lead and make their own play in this fun & creative class from popular teacher Kaaron Briscoe Minefree.
Acting Hamilton: Calling all fans of the HUGE B'way hit Hamilton!! This is your chance to sing your favorites AND learn about American History. 
Chinese Dragons & Emperors: For arts & crafts lovers! These classes have a been a huge hit with our aftercare kids. Learn about a new culture by exploring arts based projects that focus on: dragons, stories of female empresses, jade burial suits, and The Hungry Ghost Festival. 
Philosophy of a Wimpy Kid: Love the books? Got a kid with a million questions? Kids can ask the big questions & think more the things that are important to them like homework, siblings, friends, parents & more. 
STEM Classes: We have some excellent STEM classes with spots!  Destroy & Construct: Got a kid with curious mind? In this class, the kids will take a part all kinds of machines to get a look into what makes them work. Junior Engineers with Stop Motion Moving Making: combining physics, engineering and design, students will build bridges & more and then make their own movies using their designs; Kodu Programming & Game Design: kids will use a simple a simple visual programming language to design their own games; and Redstone Engineering: Calling all Minecraft fans! 
Questions? Please email either of the Carolyns. Carolyn Pravda at ps58as.carolynP@gmail.com or Carolyn Rogalsky at ps58as.carolyn@gmail.com. Detail information on PS58 Carroll Kids Afterschool Program can be found online at http://www.ps58brooklyn.org/afterschool/carroll-kids/ .
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