CARROLL KIDS Google Classrooms
Wed, Apr 1 11:11am

PS58 Families and Carroll Kids’s kids! Although we can’t be together for now, Carroll Kids staff wants very much to stay connected! We’ve been busy creating “classrooms” where we can do just that. We’ve thought a lot about your interests and have tried to come up with activities and topics that we know you love! Among the classrooms to check out:



Clyde’s LIVING HEALTHY. Here you can workout with Clyde. He updates every Monday; Wednesday and Friday with video demos and picks a different focus each week. 

Class code: rr77fvd


Trey’s ART CHALLENGE. Here Trey assigns a weekly drawing challenge. Kids have a full week to submit (if they choose) and on Friday, Trey will select a winner for each grade! This week’s challenge is a dragon. Only one submission per customer!

Class code: le6iiro


Brianna’s VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS presents short videos of the wonders of our world. Students can comment and share their impressions.

Class code: rxoi6w5


SHOW and TELL is a space where anyone can share something that’s special to them. Currently DJ has posted her latest room redecoration!

Class code: 4khzjm


WORD SEARCH AND PUZZLES with Thomas H. Just as it sounds, here you can find puzzles to print out and complete offline. Today’s puzzle features pugs! This one is both a history lesson as well as a word search

Class code: lpcdrzm


READ ALOUDS. Right now Ms. Liz (Hom) is running a Pippi Longstocking series. 

Class code: sw3ck6y


IN THE CAFETERIA w CAROLYN is just what you’d expect. Daily activities, jokes, birthday parties and fun for those who choose to “stay down” in the caf! Sorry, no snacks provided, but perhaps we’ll make some!

Class Code: g4e6yqb


For Grades PreK, K and Grade 1 we have GOOGLE SITES:


PreK: Mrs. Gillette’s Read Alouds

Kindergarten: Read Alouds with Ms. Lydia, plus coloring pages to print out

First Grade: Mr Bob aka Ralph, Read Alouds and more


PLEASE CHECK IT OUT -- and give us some feedback. We’re here to keep our community going and GROWING!!