CEC Meeting: Next Steps in Rezoning
Tue, Sep 24 6:30pm-8:30pm
PS 32, 317 Hoyt Street, enter at Union Street
1 day before


FROM THE CEC:  DOE Presentation on Potential Elementary School Rezoning and Admission Changes

Date: Tuesday, Sept 24, 2019

Time:  Start time 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6 pm.

Location: PS 32 - 317 Hoyt St, enter on Union St. 

Food and childcare will be provided

Interpretation in Spanish and Chinese.

Dear D15 Friends and Families,

Over the last 6 months, D15 school community members and representatives from the Department of Education (DOE) have been discussing potential rezoning and admission changes for 7 of our elementary schools: PS 15, PS 29, PS 32, PS 38, PS 58, PS 261 and PS 676.


This conversation was prompted by a newly constructed addition to PS 32, which will open in September of 2020 with 436 seats. The Admissions Changes support the vision for Equity and Excellence.


Presentations can be found on the DOE website under the District Planning - Brooklyn - District 15 page. The most recent presentation from 6.20.19 is attached. In this document you will see the two different approaches that the DOE is proposing which would alleviate overcrowding and create opportunities to diversify. 


Approach 1 redesigns geographic zone lines. Approach 2 creates a single zone encompassing the seven schools. In both of these scenarios there would be seats prioritized for students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL), are Multi Language Learners (MLL) or are Students living in Temporary Housing (STH).


Superintendent Skop and the Office of District Planning continue to engage and solicit feedback from community members and the CECD15 on both approaches before they finalize a more detailed proposal. At the Sept 24 Meeting, the DOE will share answers to frequently asked questions, feedback that has been received, information on process/timeline, and further details about the two proposed approaches. 


CEC15 members were elected by D15 PA and PTA Leaders to:

- Approve zoning lines as submitted by the Superintendent and 

- Promote the achievement of educational standards and objectives relating to the instruction of students

- Other Roles and Responsibility can be found here.


Should the engagement process over the coming months result in one formal rezoning proposal from the DOE, CEC15 would then be voting on proposed changes in response to community feedback.


We ask that you continue to stay involved and send additional feedback once you see the new plans.


We are eager to hear from new voices and to reach a wide array of families. Please share the attached flyer with your school community, PA/PTA, SLT members, tell your friends and neighbors and anyone you know with young children who may be impacted by these changes. We want the voices of ALL of our communities to be heard.


Hope to see you on Tuesday night.